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Your first sted towards feeling like a professional Chef. Put your stirring or tasting spoons in your BABETTE™ on the saucepan. Making your everyday easier.
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Recommended by one of the greatest Chefs in the world; Ørjan Johannessen.

A cup for utensils, right there, on your saucepan.

We aim to equip you and your kitchen with the things that you need the most.  A good workflow and counter space is important for every chef.  Use your BABETTE™ as a measuring cup.  Measure, mix and pour, right from your BABETTE™.

One step closer to a tidy kitchen.

Find BABETTE™ in a kitchenware store close to you.

BABETTE™ Steel or Original?

BABETTE™ Steel is suitable for gas, electric, and induction hobs, and comes with a red and black silicone collar to protect your fingers from the heat.

BABETTE™ Original withstands high temperatures, but must not be put directly on a heat source.  Our GRIPTECH™ technology allows you to adjust your BABETTE™ to fin your pan.



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Job Position

BABETTE™ , now International

BABETTE™ has been launched on the global market and will be available in stores in several countries before Christmas 2017.

Contact us at for more information on where you can purchase your BABETTE™.

Oslo Design Fair 2017 #success

Yet another success.

After a successful fair in 2016, we chose to revisit Oslo Design Fair in 2017.
Again we are satisfied with the results and new aqcuaintances.